Kundali Bhagya 18 October 2020 Written Update: Preeta reaches lutra house

Kundali Bhagya 18 October 2020 Written Update Promo Starts With Love, Sriti. Preeta and Shruti both reached Lutra’s house and told the same person we were in front of the house. Then come to the room where Preeta is hiding, listening to Sameer and Sreeti Mahira.

Once Mahira enters the room and leaves Preity’s room, Mahira is shocked at how Preeta entered the house. Follow Kundali Bhagya Full Story Full Episode Story Enthusiasm Study Portal. In the previous episode, Junkie, Shristi, Prean Paan successfully escape from home. Sanjana tries to convince Mahira to marry Kahina with Karan.

But Kareena describes how Mahira is acting against family members and rejects the decision of Sanjana. After Ramona became angry at Sanazan, Sherlyn asked her police friend to attend a reception. Once Sheryl arrives at the house asking for a police friend Karan, Mahira dances.

Kundali Bhagya 17 October 2020

Sameer informed Sarala ji Preeta, Srti, Junkie returned home After that love, Junkie with her sister came home to Luthra and informed Sarala Ji about Mahira, Pawan and Prithvi. Inside Luthra House dancing with Mahira Karan.

Preeta says dancing mahira is not right for you. Karan says this is not your business. Sarala says I am proud of you because of you. Then everyone says that you will escape with Prithvi as Sarala says, Mahira showed a letter but I do not believe them.

Then Preeta says I promised Rakhi Aunty that I cannot create drama at today’s party. Preeta then tells her mother to see what Preeta is. Sarala, Junkie went into the house. Sherlyn spotted Shristi’s entrance and thought to herself how she had suddenly gotten here. Sanjana asks Ramona how the junkie can enter the house where she is not yet a party.

He then spread the juice on the ground Mahira stairs and fell to the ground. Mahira recognized and did this and followed him. Both apply the same, Sriti Prieta scheme. Learn what happens in this house when Prithvi calls Sherlyn’s phone and Prithvi pays Sherlyn. Pawan says he doesn’t know but Mahira knows everything.