Kundali Bhagya 19th October 2020 Written Update: Preeta’s announcement shocks Mahira

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As the episode begins, Sherlin feels sad that she loves Prithvi and asks him what he wants to say to her. She says that Preeta is more attractive than the first, which makes her angry and makes him cry and cut the call.

He realizes that he is angry with her and she tells him that she loves him so much and decides to persuade her otherwise she will leave him. He calls her back but she cuts his call. He tells her that her anger is justified and now he will write his own fate and change the fate of others.

Kristy and Sameer stand in front of the guest room so Mahira can see them and enter the room. Mahira enters the room and shouts his name. She is shocked to see love there. Preeta throws alcohol on Mahira saree and cheers for her.

Sherlyn says that everyone is behind Preeta and Prithvi is playing with the others who are playing with her now and she will not leave him this time. Preeta asks Mahira why she is shocked to see her here and can understand how she is feeling right now. She shouts at her and asks how dare she think to separate her from Karan.

Mahira says that if Preeta wants to tell everyone the truth but no one will believe her, even Luthra did not believe her before. She says she has already told them that Preeta ran away with Prithvi and everyone believed it. Sameer comes out and asks for her confession so he tells everyone the truth.

Preeta says that she knows what Mahira did with the guests in her absence and now she goes there saying that there are better things to do. Mahira followed her up and down. Sameer and Kristy laugh at her. Mahira says he regrets what he did with her today and leaves.

Karan is comforted by seeing Preeta in front of her and asks where she went. She wonders why he hides it and goes to the other side if he is happy to see her. Mahira thinks that she should stop Prerna before meeting Karan and she is shocked to learn that Karan has already seen her. Preeta picks up Mahira’s bewildered mic. Mike doesn’t work so Sameer helps Preeta.

Rahu tells Aunty Police Inspector Mahira Lutra’s son-in-law. The police inspector, however, claims to be the son-in-law of Preeta Lutra, who goes to Aunt Rakhi and asks who her son-in-law is. Rakhi says the man holding the mic shows her son-in-law and love to her.

Mahira moves to stop Preeta from announcing but falling down. Preeta asks Sherlyn to help Mahira and introduces herself as Preeta Karan Luthra in front of the press and everyone. Prithvi’s mother waits to welcome her son. Prithvi arrives and moves towards his room after shouting at her.

Mahira is in a drunk state, so she is not in her sense and she thinks that she is Karan’s wife and says that everyone will ignore her. Mahira says she did not drink and that she was Karan’s wife. Preeta says that she used this kind of girl behavior after marrying the charming Karan Luthra, so it is obvious that everyone is behind him. She says but she does not let her cross the threshold and she wants to clarify everything so no one points to Luthra.

The episode ends.