Kundali Bhagya 23rd November 2020 Written Update: Karan forcing Preeta to eat but she denies him

Kundali Bhagya 23rd November 2020 Written Update: Karan forcing Preeta to eat but she denies him

She angrily tells him to leave the room and do what she wants to do, he is not afraid of it. If Preeta thinks Karan can win the heart by keeping this fast, Mahira says she is wrong and she knows why she wants to eat and tells her to eat without any pretext.

No one is going to stop her today because the elders only told her to feed and forcibly try to feed her but Preeta pushes her hand and the plate drops from her hand. Who invented this Karwa Chauth, where the wife has to be hungry for a whole day, so the husband can have longevity and ask himself what kind of logic this is and Preeta does not listen to him, she disturbs him by refusing food and of course she is starving. He says she doesn’t like this dumb love and her health isn’t good and they can’t see her this way.

He notices Girish talking to someone and weeping. He moves toward him and asks what happened. Girish says that he was talking to his mother about Preetha and told her to pray for him. Karan promises that nothing will happen to Preetha.

Mahira wants to break her fast but cannot do it and Preitya tells Mahira that this may be a game or a joke but for her it is a ritual that she will not break any thing and go away.

Mahira says that when love is important to her, how can she feel it is her game, because using it can prove to everyone that she is not Karan’s real wife and Preeta has to take a bite of it but she refuses so now she needs to do something big and not blame her anymore. She insists on doing this.

Sherlyn asks Mahira that Preeta has broken her fast. Mahira says she did not but enjoyed seeing her dull face and condition. Ramona calls Mahira and says she has executed the first step of her project, so she will also have to implement the next steps to teach Aurora a lesson. She tells Sherlyn to do whatever she agrees to do. Rishabh says it was a food poisoning and doctors were misinterpreting who would mix the poison in Preeta’s diet.

Doctors say it’s not food poisoning. Sherlyn Moore acts like a tingle and everyone is worried and runs towards her. Christie tells Sarla to make it faster. Sameer thanks Christie for calling him and telling him about Prieta’s condition before telling him that she disconnected the call and Lutra decides to go home alone.

Doctors tell Luthra that Preeta and Sherlyn’s symptoms are the same and inject her. Called Sarla Christie. Christie is celebrating Carva Chauth at the club house and tells Luthra not to come home because she is going there. Mahira tells Luthra that the cat is dead after eating Sarla’s laddu. Kareena tells the doctor to send her to the lab to check.

Doctors say they will update them after receiving test results. Karan says there is no poison in Laddu. Rishabh says she suddenly fell ill in the morning. She tells him that she ate Laddu a few hours ago and that Sarla tried to kill her baby.