Kundali Bhagya Spoiler Alert: Akshay forced to kneel in front of Preeta’s trick, marriage with Broken Krutika |

Kundali Bhagya Spoiler Alert 9th February 2021: Zee TV’s superhit show ‘Kundali Bhagya’ currently has a highvoltage drama going on. Preeta is currently planning to break up Akshay’s marriage, in which she will be successful soon. Talking about the upcoming episode on 9 February, Akshay will be seen telling Kareena that if Preeta does an alliance then the family will accept her with an open heart. Kareena accepts Akshay’s request but will Preeta accept it? Let us tell you:

Akshay will be shaken after seeing Preeta’s evidence

During the alliance, Akshay will try to tease Preeta, but Preeta will give him a befitting reply and show him the pictures and DNA report of his child. Preeta, at the same time, will also tell Akshay that Sameer and Srishti have also recorded a video of him, in which he is seen standing outside the hotel with Megha. Seeing the evidence of Preeta, Akshay will be completely shaken and the color of his face will fly away.

Akshay will do the trick to defeat Preeta

After giving the last warning to Akshay, Srishti will send him a video. After this flashback sequence will begin, in which Preeta will reveal Akshay’s truth in front of Ruchika. Upon hearing Preeta’s talk, Ruchika will be ready to help him. After this, the story will come in present time and Akshay will do the trick to beat Preeta but still he will not be successful because he does not know about Preeta’s plan b.

Akshay will announce not to marry Kritika

In front of Preeta’s bet, Akshay will declare that he does not want to marry Kritika. After Akshay’s announcement, Srishti pats Preeta but at the same time there will be something that both of them will be surprised. Akshay will start an emotional drama in front of the family and everyone will hold Preeta responsible. It will now be seen how Preeta will respond to this move of Akshay?

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