Kundali Bhagya Written Update 28 October 2020: Mahira is happy that Preeta is hurt and crying

Kundali Bhagya Written Update 28 October 2020: Mahira is happy that Preeta is hurt and crying Later, Mahira rejoices and hugs Sherlyn. Both are excited to win the match and suffer Sarla and Preetha.Karan and Rishabh take Dadi to her room. They ask the nurse not to worry.

Karen tells Dadi that Sherlyn was right and she was right.Rishabh says he should not discuss it now. Rishabh says if Preeta knows that Laddus is poisonous, she will never eat Laddus. Also, Sarla can’t harm her daughter and can’t think of harming anyone.

Rakhi says that Sarla must deliberately mix some of the expired ingredients. Kareena grinned at Rakhi.Later, the nurse tells Rakhi that she has done everything she promised Rakhi. Then the nanny asks everyone to come together to do more rituals. Rakhi asks Dadi to wait for love as it is her 1st carvachat. The nurse says that Preity did not respect him and his relationship with Karan, he asked her to relax, but she went outside.

Preeta comes home and thinks about Sarla’s advice. She says she should take care of her marriage.Preeta walks into Mahira’s room. Preeta says they should be happy as their project is successful. They say that others who are suffering, even cry themselves.Mahira is happy that Preeta is hurt and crying. She asks Preeta to break fast. Preeta has said that she will not break the fast as her husband has starved for Karan.

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