Learn how Google’s new update will now delete the searched data in 2 minutes in just 15 minutes

Google has brought a new update to its search option. With this feature, users will now be able to delete a search history made in two clicks or in a few seconds to 15 minutes. Let us know that this new feature of Google is now only available to iOS users in the Google app. At the same time, if reports are to be believed, by the end of this year, the feature will be available on Android devices as well. This feature is an extension of Google’s auto-delete history feature announced last year. This feature benefits users who share their phone with other people and don’t want anyone else to see what they are looking for. After the introduction of this feature, users do not have to manually delete history.

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Delete your 15-minute history in just 2 clicks
For this, first go to the Google Account menu.

Tap on your avatar icon or profile picture.

>> You will see a new quick delete option here, after which you will see ‘Delete the last 15 minutes’. You will be able to delete your history by clicking on it.

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Similarly, Google users can delete history by giving voice commands to Google Assistant. For this you can say “Hey Google, delete everything I searched for last week.” If you enable this feature you get the auto-delete option which gives you three options that include 3 months, 18 months and 36 months. This means that search results are deleted every 3, 18 or 36 months. By default, it is set to 18 months.

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