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Leave schemeAccenture will lay off 25 thousand employees all over the world, India has 2 lakh employees, there will be a holiday of 10,000

The company has 5 lakh 9 thousand employees worldwide and layoffs occur every year. They are appointed on the spot
This year the company will be fired instead of hiring new ones. These have a greater impact on those whose performance is lower

Ascent, a global professional service provider, is preparing to lay off 25,000 employees worldwide. The company has over 5 lakh employees worldwide. It has 2 lakh employees in India and can cut 10 thousand. The company shows the way for employees who are poor in performance. Also, there will be some leave due to the impact on the business from Corona.

The CEO held a global staff meeting

According to the report, Accenture CEO Julie Sweet held a staff meeting this month. In this he examined. The company has 2 lakh employees in India. Accenture says the company is not making any plans for additional general global workforce operations at the moment. We talk to staff every year as part of our performance process. Their performance will be reviewed. Each year we talk about their areas of improvement, their possibilities of progress and their long-term sustainability.

Corona has had an impact on the business this year

This year, we identify nearly 5 percent of employees in all parts of the business and career levels, whose performance is poor. These people will be expelled from the company. We do this every year. The CEO said at a global staffing meeting that in the normal year we will leave about 5 percent of them and replace them.

The company does not need a replacement this year

He said but this year we are not expecting a replacement because we don’t need it. If we take 5 percent off and hire new people, we can continue to invest. Also, when there is improvement, we can get some people back. With 5 percent this year, we have identified more employees who need to improve their work.

8 percent growth in the second quarter

Accenture says we are constantly recruiting in India. Also, we recently recognized people for bonus and promotion under our compensation program. Despite the reduction in the number of subcontractors and the ban on new hires, the company still needs to reduce its workforce, he said. Our second quarter ended in February and we increased at a rate of 8 per cent, ”he said.

However, during the corona epidemic, growth fell by 1.3 per cent. The company currently employs 5 lakh 9 thousand people in 120 countries.

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