Live: Today is the 21st day of the Farmers Movement, the government is unguarded

Today is the 21st day when farmers protest against the three agrarian laws of the central government but there is no way out. Neither the government is ready to repeal the law nor the farmers are willing to back down. The leaders of the Farmers’ Organization said we doubt the government’s intent. So far, the Prime Minister has not said two words for farmers, which they have not heard. PM has not visited any farmer organization for 6 years. He talks about the mind on the radio but not the farmers.

Union Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar here on Monday said the government is in touch with farmers to set a next date for talks. Significantly, the farmer associations intensified their agitation against the Center’s three agrarian laws, and on Monday, they held a fast throughout the day. Tomar said the meeting will definitely take place. We got in touch with the farmers. “The government has once again spoken about negotiating a contract with the farmers. The All India Kisan Conflict Committee (AIKSC) has said that they will speak in three terms – first – negotiations will not be about old proposals rejected by agricultural proposals. Second, the government must prepare a new agenda. And the third clause means that the debate should be focused on ending agricultural laws.

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Many of the Uttar Pradesh cups have supported the farmers’ movement against the central government’s new agrarian laws and will join the protests on December 17 at the Delhi border. The Kap chief called the agricultural laws anti-farmer and demanded that they be revoked.