LPG Gas Cylinder: Your gas cylinder is smart, knowing the replenishment date in advance, check more details with price

LPG Composite Cylinder: It’s hard to figure out how much gas is left in your gas cylinder, but now it won’t. To address this issue of consumers, Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL) has launched a new cylinder in the market. Now you can easily find out how much gas is left in this cylinder. At the same time, it is much safer than cylinders installed in your kitchen. Tell us some important things about Smart Cylinder –

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What is an LPG Composite Cylinder

This new integrated cylinder comes in three different layers. The first layer inside is made of HDPE, high density polyethylene. The second layer is composites made of polymer-coated fiberglass. The third and final layer is made of HDPE. In such a situation, customers will be able to predict how much gas is left in their cylinder. With the arrival of this new cylinder, customers will already know how much gas is saved, so that they can book in advance.

Advantages of composite cylinder

1- This is a cylinder made of modern technology.

2- Its weight is half as compared to the existing gas cylinder. That is, you are now free from heavy gas cylinders.

3- This new cylinder leaves no trace of where you place it. This will keep your kitchen fresh as before.

4- Its excellent design makes it attractive.

20 Lakhs Investment, Check Details Rs 1.5 Lakh per month

What is the price

Currently, this smart gas cylinder is available in Delhi, Gurugram, Hyderabad, Faridabad and Ludhiana. Indian Oil Corporation Limited said it would soon launch a nationwide program. Combined cylinders are currently available in 5kg and 10kg sizes. The company has been allowed to replace the old gas cylinder without making customers uncomfortable. Currently, the subsidized 10kg gas cylinder costs Rs.

Gas is expensive this month

Earlier this month, the price of subsidized LPG cylinders was Rs 25. Let’s say there was no change in domestic cylinder prices in May and June. On July 1, the price of LPG cylinders rose to Rs 834 in Delhi. LPG cylinder prices from January

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