Maha Epi – Tujhse Hai Raabta 18th October 2020 Written Episode Update

TUZZE HI ROBTA 18 October 2020 Written Issue, Written Update on

The episode begins with Anupriya asking Kalyani not to lose hope and says that they will get their salvation. Kalyani says that even though I have to find him in the world and sacrifice everything for myself, I seek my salvation. They say my life’s goal is to get my son back. They say that Devima cannot be unfair with her mother and other mother. She applies Tika’s forehead and puts Diya in her arms. She says it is easy for her to find salvation, she has many problems, but she has no choice but to beat her mother. She asks the Goddess to give her strength so that she cannot be weakened and she says that if I get your support no power in this world can stop my son from reaching out. She hopes to find her son before the end of the night. Ao Saheb listens to her and asks Anupriya to go for the exam. Kalyani says I will come with you.

Kalyani drops Anupriya to court and asks if you have kept pen etc and asks her to go. She asks to focus on the paper and says All the Best. She tells him to go to room 6 and Kaka is waiting there. She hugs her and says all the best. Malhar gets there. Kalyani tells her that she came to take Ai to court. Malhar has tracked down the number of threatening calls and says it is Yashwant’s.

Anupriya reads the question papers. Sartak threw water on her head and tells her that he tried to cool her down because she was worried about looking at the question paper. Anupriya asks what this atrocity is. Sarthak says you only have one hour to complete the test. Anupriya asks the North newspaper. He gives it.

Kalyani and Malhar come to meet Yeshwant. Malhar asks where he is. The goon claims that Yashwant was in the hospital when the accident occurred. He tells his daughter that the wedding will take place soon. He asks if he wants to meet her. We will meet when they are good, ”says Malhar.