Malaysia also exited Pakistan, leaving passengers aboard the plane; Learn about the case in detail

Pakistan, which has been going through the Bengali phase, has also left its friend Malaysia. Pakistan Airlines International Government (PIA) Bing 777 passenger plane has been seized. The aircraft was leased and the aircraft was seized because it was not paid. According to media reports in Pakistan, the aircraft was leased and the aircraft was seized due to non-payment.

At the time of the incident at Kuala Lumpur Airport, the plane was carrying passengers and crew, but they were deactivated. Pakistan International Airlines said in a tweet that the airline has been recovered by a local court in Malaysia. It is a unilateral decision. A dispute between the PIA and the other party is pending in a London court.

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Money cannot be paid under the clause
According to Pakistan magazine, these flights are periodically leased by various companies. The aircraft seized in Malaysia was also leased but the aircraft was seized in Kuala Lumpur due to non-payment of lease terms. Significantly, before that, Saudi Arabia, which was once very close to Pakistan, withdrew its three billion dollars. The Imran government borrowed from China and repaid Saudi Arabia’s debt.

Pakistan is a debt burden
At the end of the last financial year, per capita debt in Pakistan increased by 28 per cent to Rs. That is, a person born in Pakistan is born with a debt of Rs 53 lakh 689 rupees. Given this information to the National Assembly, the Ministry of Finance has missed all budget strategic goals, thereby increasing public debt rapidly. In its annual financial policy for 2019-20, the Ministry of Finance said its current spending is at a 19-year high in 2018-19.