Man City vs Burnley: ‘White Lives Matter’ airs over Man City-Burnley match

Amid ongoing demonstrations for racial equality, the banner was displayed on Etihad on Monday.

During the Burnley clash with Manchester City, the aircraft carrying the “White Lives Matter” banner appeared on Etihad, sparking outrage amid ongoing protests and demonstrations against racial inequality.

All Premier League players have worn “Black Lives Matter” on the back of their shirts following protests that began in the US following the death of George Floyd.

Those protests have sparked shows around the world, with Wendy McKenney, Jadon Sancho and Marcus Thuram among the performers in the Bundesliga, while Marcelo heads to La Liga.

In the Premier League, shirts have a black Lives Matter patch on their shirts, along with a patch for the NHS to commemorate the coronavirus outbreak.

In addition to the shirts, players are participating in silence for a moment before the kickoff, while Black Lives Matter kneels on the opening whistle to solidify the matter.

Shortly after the start of Tuesday’s match between second-placed Manchester City and 11th-placed Burnley, the aircraft was spotted overhead carrying a banner reading “White Lives Matter Burnley“.

Man City vs Burnley: 'White Lives Matter' airs over Man City-Burnley match
Man City vs Burnley: ‘White Lives Matter’ airs over Man City-Burnley match

The performance came just minutes after the match, with players on the pitch kneeling shortly afterwards, and hovering overhead for the first moments of the match.

It was not confirmed who paid for the banner to be displayed, but the response on social media promptly condemned the message.

In fact, Burnley released the official statement at half-time, saying:

“The Burnley Football Club strongly condemns the actions of those responsible for the plane and the attack banner that flew over The Etihad Stadium on Monday evening.

“We want to make it clear that those who are responsible are not welcome at Turf Moor.

“In no way does this represent the Burnley Football Club and we will work fully with the authorities to identify responsible individuals and grant them a lifetime ban.

“The club has a proud record of working with all genders, religions and beliefs through its award-winning community project and standing up against any form of racism.

“We are completely behind the Premier League’s Black Lives Matter initiative, and in line with all the other Premier League games that have been undertaken since the launch of the project, our players and football staff voluntarily took a knee during the kick-off in Manchester City.

“We apologize to the Premier League, Manchester City and all those who help promote Black Lives Matter.”