Market Price: Mustard grain reaches Rs 7,900 per quintal, soybean grain prices decline and loose

Prices of various oilseeds, including mustard and soybean oil, ended Wednesday on the local oil-and-oil market, with rising trends in foreign markets and increased demand for rainy season. At the same time, the price of mustard oil beans in Saloni, Agra, Kota, rose from Rs 7,800 to Rs 7,900. However, the 42 per cent fixed price of the Delhi Mandi is Rs 7,480 to Rs 7,530 per quintal.

Due to the increase in soybean prices abroad, the price of soybean grain and soybean loose is Rs 50 per quintal. But soybean oil prices have improved due to uneven trading. Soybean oil prices have also shown a correction with the increase in Malaysia.

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With the onset of monsoon, the demand for mustard continues to increase and there may be a shortage of festivals. If there is a small inventory of mustard, it is near the farmers. Its arrival at the knees is minimal. Its stock with oil mills and traders is negligible. Due to this shortage, the cost of mustard oilseeds has been raised from Rs 7,800 to Rs 7,900 in Quintal, Agra and Saloni.

There was no change in the prices of groundnut oil and oilseeds, but cotton seed improved due to local demand. CPO and Palmolin oil prices closed with correction with the rise in the Malaysia exchange.

The prices of the Delhi knee are as follows (Rs. Per quintal)

  • Mustard Oils – 7,480 – 7,530 (42 percent conditional price) Rs.
  • Groundnut – 5,645 – 5,790 Rs.
  • Distribution of groundnut oil mill (Gujarat) – Rs 13,900
  • Peanut Solvent Refined Oil Rs 2,140 – Rs 2,270 per Tin
  • Mustard Oil Dadri – Rs 14,750 per quintal
  • Sarson Pakki Ghani – Rs 2,410 -2,460 per tin.
  • Sarson Katchi Ghani – Rs 2,510 – Tin Rs 2,620
  • Sesame Oil Mill Distribution – Rs 15,000 – Rs 17,500
  • Soybean Oil Mill Distribution Delhi – Rs 14,400
  • Soybean Mill Distribution Indore – Rs 14,100
  • Soybean Oil Digam, Kandla – 13,100 Rs.
  • CPO Ex-Condla – Rs 10,650
  • Cotton Seed Mill Distribution (Haryana) – Rs.
  • Palmolin RBD, Delhi – Rs 12,550.
  • Pamolin X- Condla – 11,430 (without GST)
  • Soybean grain 7,775 – 7,825, Soybean loose Rs 7,670 – 7,770
  • Makka Khal (Sariska) Rs

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