Market prices: Mustard, groundnut, soybean, cottonseed, palm and palm oil prices are declining

The prices of edible oils abroad fell due to rumors of import tariffs being false and the domestic oil prices were softening in the Delhi oil-seed market on Friday. Due to this, the prices of mustard, groundnut, soybean, cottonseed and palm and palmoline oils closed.

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Farmers, producers and industry are all suffering from false rumors in the oilseed oil market, market sources said. In such a situation the government must deal with the mischievous aspects of spreading rumors. In order to save the country from the deregulation of foreign edible oil companies, it is necessary to become self-reliant in oilseed production.

The wholesale price in the market was as follows (Rs. Per quintal)

  • Mustard Oils – 7,350 – 7,400 (42 percent conditional price) Rs.
  • Peanuts – Rs 5,820 – Rs 5,865
  • Distribution of groundnut oil mill (Gujarat) – Rs 14,250
  • 2,305 of groundnut solvent refined oil – Rs.
  • Mustard Oil Dadri – Rs 14,500 per quintal
  • Sarson Pakki Ghani – Rs 2,315 -2,365 per tin.
  • Sarson Katchi Ghani – Rs 2,415 – Tin Rs 2,515
  • Sesame Oil Mill Distribution – Rs 15,000 – Rs 17,500
  • Soybean Oil Mill Distribution Delhi – Rs 15,000
  • Soybean Mill Distribution Indore – Rs 14,900
  • Soybean Oil Digam, Kandla – Rs 13,750
  • CPO Ex-Condla – Rs 11,750
  • Cotton Seed Mill Distribution (Haryana) – Rs.
  • Palmolin RBD, Delhi – Rs 13,600
  • Pamolin X- Condla – 12,450 (without GST)
  • Soybean grain 7,750 – 7,850, soybean loose Rs 7,650 – 7,700
  • Maize costs Rs. 3,800

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