Mask Haku, Illa Station, Lady Officer Full Class

Yadagiri: Cases of coronavirus are on the rise across the state and around the country. Thus the government is making a strict rule and imposing heavy fines. Yet, Jare is not turning around without wearing a mask. They are taught by the authorities to impose penalties. The lady officer has taken a full class for the uniformed masks in the city.

Corona cases are also on the rise in the district. But people are not the only ones. Thus, the authorities have started to penalize the road. Even in Yadgir, Municipal authorities are penalizing motorists, businessmen and the public for not wearing a mask. Through this they are raising awareness to wear mask.

Sharanamma, a junior health inspector of the Yadagiri Municipal Council, is being fined for not wearing a mask in the city. The lady officer has taken a full class today for pundits who interfered with the duty of the authorities. When the young man was told to wear a mask, he was lashed out at the officers. Sharanamma, who is in full swing, warned her to wear a mask or walk to the police station.

The same class was taken for a bakery owner who was trading without wearing a mask. There was also an incident where a backstage staff picked up the bakery products without hearing from the bakery owner. Not only that, the police are also giving shock to motorists who are not wearing masks. Bike travelers in the city without wearing a mask are warning motorists.


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