Maza Hoshil Na 18th October 2020 Spoiler Alert

Spoiler Title: Where does Sai go from Aditya’s house?

Spoiler Update: 18 October 2020: (18/10/2020)

Read the full spoiler updates: Maja Hoshil Na 18 October 2020 Spoiler Alert Begins We have seen in the last episode that Bandhu’s mother and Bhai’s mother are dealing with Aditya as a young child. Sai emphasizes the well-being of Aditya and arrives at his home late in the evening.

She chooses to stay with Aditya until she is well. Bandhu and Bhai’s mother agree to stand with Aditya. Sai is about to accept the worship of the Adityas, which will make a scene at Appa’s house. Sai converses with Appa and tries to calm him down.

In the next episode we will see how Aditya is talking in his relaxation. He converses with Sai and she requests him to stand there. Sai replies that she will never leave him or disappear. Suddenly, Aditya wakes up and is shocked to find Sai standing beside her.

He gets to the edge and requests Sai to leave, not expecting her to be close. He calls his uncle and requests that Sai be removed from him. Bandhu’s mother goes out to Sai, but Sai informs him that she will not leave until Aditya forgives her for feeling good. Sai lifts up outside Aditya’s house all night, and he is stunned when his relative’s mother comes out the next morning. What happened to Sai?