Maza Hoshil Na 18th October 2020 Written Update

Maja Hoshil Na 18 October 2020 Issue Written Updates Series By Marathi ಮ Marathi. Maja Hoshil Na 18 October 2020 (18/10/2020) Read the written updates with the first

Summary Main story: Sai’s heart break after Aditya humiliated her?

Current Startup Update: 18 October 2020: (18/10/2020)

Read the full written updates of the issue: Maja Hoshil Na 18 October 2020 Written Updates Begin We see Bhai Mama and Bandhu Mama praising Sai for his good deal with Appa. Occasionally he reveals to her that there is no solution to Appa’s abnormal inquiries, though he prefers how to deal with it.

Sai says she discovered Appa as a young child and because she loves children, she can deal with him well. Shows her idiosyncrasies over the possibility that Bandhu’s mother might deal with Appa, who may well do different positions in this house. Sappa explains that she simply told her father to be her son-in-law and had no intention of becoming her son-in-law.

Sai holds on to Aditya, who is sleeping as Gaa. He begins to speak in his rest and needs his mother. Sai reveals that his mother is around him, and he inquires why he can’t see her. Aditya keeps going on more inquiries and Sai answers steadily.

Aditya inquires whether she is constantly with him, and Sai answers. Aditya awoke at once and was surprised to find Sai close by. He starts hauling and he needs his uncle, who escalates into his room.

Aditya wakes up and advises her uncle to request Sai leave. When Bandhu’s mother and Bhai’s mother request that they be calm, they begin to argue. Aditya requests Sai to take him out. Sai argues that she will not leave until he is finally rested. Bandula’s mother requests her to be escorted in and out. He advises her to return home, however, she lifts him outside and tells him that she will not leave until she is good for Aditya.

The next morning, Bandhu’s mother and Bhai’s mother found Sai actually holding Aditya’s house. He runs to reveal to Aditya that she has been holding since the previous evening and he should apologize to Sai. Aditya wakes up and tells her uncle that she is improving.

He sets out to meet Sai, who is pleasantly conversing. Aditya confronts her and requests that she go out. Sai hurts and reveals that she promised him that she would stay close to him, which is why she hung him tight. She starts crying and keeping in mind, she tells Aditya that she usually doesn’t have him.