Maza Hoshil Na 19th October 2020 Spoiler Alert

Spoiler Title: Will Aditya save Sai?

Spoiler Update: 19 October 2020: (19/10/2020)

Read the full spoiler updates: Maja Hoshil Na 19 October 2020 Spoiler Alert Begins We saw in the last episode that Sai believes that Aditya will improve his home. When Bandhu Mama and Bhai Mama proposed to return home, she remained unbroken and hung tightly outside Aditya.

The next morning, Aditya awakens a much improved feeling, and his uncles reveal that Sai had been hanging on to him all night. Aditya goes outside to meet Sai, who is happy that he is improving enough. Aditya confronts Sai and says a lot of things that hurt her. Sai goes out crying.

In the next episode we will see Aditya understands that Bandhu Mama has a crush on Sai. He requests Aditya to ring her, however, Aditya cannot. Bandhu Mama says he is considering Sai and will settle the telephone decision.

Bandhu Mama requests that Sai return home when he learns that Sai has calibrated the water tank. Hearing this, Aditya is shocked and rushes to save Sai. He comes to the city of Samadhi and inquires whether he has seen the young woman. Aditya is shocked to see Sai on the head of the tank. Will Aditya Sai give up her life?