Mazhya Navryachi Bayko 17th October 2020 Spoiler Alert

Spoiler Title: The center convinces Shanaya to fix the lines with Gurunath

Spoiler Update: 17 October 2020: (17/10/2020)

Read the full spoiler updates: Mazya Navarrachi Biko 17 September 2020 Spoiler Alert Begins We saw in the last episode how Maya is ready to marry Gurunath. She reveals to him that she should marry him within two months.

Maya is surprised by this scramble choice as she worries about Gurunath’s marriage. Radhika, again, informs Shanaya of her next arrangement and prepares her intellectually.

Shanaya agrees with Rani’s arrangement and chooses to show one or two things to Gurunath. Will their system succeed?

In the next episode we see Radhika advising Shanaya to go back to show one or two things with Gurunath. Shanaya is also persuaded by this choice. Later, Kendra tries to convince Shanaya to return with Gurunath.

Shanaya reveals to Kaeda that he will come back at the chance of Gurunath acting appropriately. Kedya is upbeat about Shanaya’s choice. In the interim, Shanaya thinks inwardly that she knows Gurnath better overall and he will never be a decent person. She chooses to show him one or two things.