Mazhya Navryachi Bayko 17th October 2020 Written Update

Majya Navarachi Biko 17 October 2020 Issue Written Update Serial By Bye Marathi. Maja Novarachi Biko 16 October 2020 (16/10/2020) Read the written updates with

Summary Main story: Maya agrees to marry Gurunath

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Current Startup Update: 16 October 2020: (16/10/2020)

Read the full written updates of the issue: Mazaya Navarrachi Biko 16 October 2020 Written Update begins We see in the last episode KD Gurunath discovers that he is sitting alone. He tries to discuss it with Gurunath and convey the importance of Shanaya in his life. KD tries to convince Gurunath that Shanya and he are destined to be together. Gurunath persuades KD with all accounts.

In the interval we see today’s episode, Shanaya expresses gratitude to Radhika for her position. Radhika reveals that she currently has more duties on her shoulders, she does not have to stress over it as everyone is there to support her.

During supper, a whole bunch of Radhika’s spicy gaze emphasized Radhika’s choice. Radhika has been revealing her entire system to her group for a long time. She tells them how to use Shanaya to get Gurunath back and take over Maya. Radhika makes it clear how her entire system is to expose Gurunath before Maya.

Everyone is astounded by Radhika’s artistic system and commend them for that. Radhika has additionally revealed how to bomb Maya’s system of forcing Gurunath and Soumitra by making Shanaya their CEO. She talks about growing her business.

Radhika explains how she is trying to grow her business by offering her items to five star ins and small cafes. He additionally adds that the results of his organization currently contain photos of Shanaya. Everyone is amazed by Radhika’s amazing technique and they applaud her.

In the interim, Gurunatha returns home, when Maya asks him where he is. He reveals to her that he does not want to discuss what happened before. Maya agrees and tells him that she should marry him in the next two months. Gurunath is astonished as he is rethinking his marriage. Maya says that her choice is the last one, no matter what Gurunath has to say about it.