Mazhya Navryachi Bayko 19 October 2020 Written Update: Gurunath Returns Home

Mazhya Navryachi Bayko 19 October 2020 Written Update – In the latest issue of Mazya Navarrachi Biko, Shanika greets Ranika and Yashwant. She greets them with Pushpaguch with. Shanaya (Rasika Sunil) Informs the mother of the guest’s arrival. Shanaya’s mother greets Radhika. She welcomes her in person. Shanaya’s mother has apologized to Radhika for past controversies. Radhika and Shanaya’s mother have an emotional moment.

Radhika asks not to apologize and she has forgotten all the controversies of the past. Radhika says she will always look after Shanaya. Yashwant and Shanaya meet their mother. Shanaya’s mother crush Yashwant. Shanaya’s mother welcomes Yashwant. She asks him if he wants coffee or tea. Shanaya takes her to her bedroom and asks what’s wrong. Shanaya’s mother says she had met Yashwant in the past. Shanaya refuses to believe. Shanaya asks her mother to get ready for lunch and to avoid seeing Yashwant.

Meanwhile, in the Maya’s house, Gurunath tells Maya that Yashwant and Radhika are in Shania’s place. Maya looks shocked. Gurunath says he has to do something about this. Says lunchtime is just an excuse to meet Gurunath Shanaya.

Maya agrees with him. Gurunath says they need to plan something. Maya says that these people can turn Yashwant’s mind against them. Maya asks Gurunath to go to Shanaya’s house.

Yashwant congratulates Shanaya at Shanaya’s home. Yashwant has congratulated Shanaya for her behavior. They say it must be because of good parenting. Shanaya’s mother agrees. She says Shanaya is her best friend. Yashwant says he is not the only one here to congratulate Shanaya.

Yashwant talks to Shanaya about what Soumitra has said. Yashwant says he feels good about it. Shanaya’s mother Yashwant asks if she ever studied in Pune. Yeshwant says no. Shanaya takes her mother to the kitchen.

Maya wonders what Radhika might have planned. She hopes that once Gurunath goes there he will get a glimpse of his plan. Gurunath is back. They say they think this will ruin everything. Maya convinces him to go. Maya says that she still loves Shanaya and wants to make everyone believe that there is nothing between her and Maya.

Gurunatha leaves. K.D. Soumitra receives a call from the radio station. Radhika (Date of Anita) She explains her plan to Yashwant. He says Gurunath will definitely return to Shanaya. Gurunath comes to Shanaya’s house. He is shocked to see Yashwant. Radhika smiles at seeing her plan working.