Mithun Emperor Benefits BJP in Bengal Elections, Learn Political Multiplication

Mithun Chakraborty, an actor-turned-politician, is an integral part of West Bengal culture and has played many important roles in films ranging from political life. Mithun, who was once left-leaning, is a Rajya Sabha MP from the Trinamool Congress. Now they are holding the BJP flag. Mithun’s plea that all Bengalis are Bengalis and should stand on their behalf will help the BJP in the assembly elections.

Mithun is one of the most successful stars of Indian cinema. He is considered the leader of the village-poor and workers. Most of his fans are from small towns and villages. Through Mithun, the BJP wants to reach the village-poor and the workers of Bengal. The actor’s accession to the BJP has strengthened the party, as such special individuals who had ties to the West Bengal regional identity had to establish themselves in the Bengali Bhadralok. Also, they were able to establish their relationship with the roots and the land there. The arrival of Mithun in this episode is a politically lucrative affair for him.

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Betting strategy on stars
After Mithun joins the BJP, the big question is how he can benefit the party. To understand this, you need to understand Mamata Banerjee’s ticket math. Mamta has fielded five actresses and two actors from the film world in this election. Since then, Mithun Da has had a tremendous penetration into the entertainment world. In such a situation, the BJP has played a big masterstroke. That proves so effective, it will only be known on May 2.

Made iron of political talent
In fact, the acting enthusiasts of the Mithun Emperor are few and far between. Mithun, who was close to the Communist Party during his college days, joined Mamata’s party in 2014 and became a Rajya Sabha MP. After resigning as Rajya Sabha MP two years later in 2016, Mithun Da has been on hiatus, but now his break is over.