MP: The minister went to the fair’s swing in search of mobile signals, people said – is this digital India?

Brijendra Singh Yadav, the Minister of Public Health and Engineering in Madhya Pradesh, seated on a swing at a village in Ashok Nagar district, jumped 50 feet to find the signal that the network was poor. After its image and video went viral, people sarcastically asked if it was Digital India. The image of the minister sitting on a swing in Amkho village was published in a Sunday newspaper and the video has gone viral on social media.

According to eyewitnesses, it is located near village Surel and village Chanderi tahsil by village minister Brajendra Singh Yadav. He is doing a nine-day Bhagavat Katha in this village and there is also a fair at this event, which includes swings. There is a problem with the mobile network in this area, so ministers use the swing to reach heights and talk to people on mobile.

“Indigenous people come to me with their problems,” Yadav told the media. The mobile network in the area is poor and I can’t help them. Yadav said, “So I will sit on this swing to get a good signal and talk to the authorities after reaching the height and problems of the people. I will stay in this village for nine days. I am completing Bhagwat Katha and Shri Ram Mahagya.”