Myanmar told India – Return policemen crossing the border

Myanmar has asked India to return its policemen who crossed the border a few days ago to seek asylum in Mizoram. These policemen fled to India to escape Myanmar’s army orders. Last month, Myanmar’s military took power to overthrow a democratically elected government.

Nearly 30 Myanmar police and their families have recently sought asylum in the aftermath of the February 1 uprising, following tough military action to curb demonstrations in the country, according to news agency Reuters.

A senior official from the Champhai district of Mizoram said he had received a letter from his counterpart in Myanmar’s Palam district, asking India to return its eight policemen to maintain friendly relations.

District Collector Maria C.T. Gamali on Saturday said he was waiting for an order from India’s home ministry.

In a letter sent to Myanmar, it was reported that eight of their policemen had arrived in India. The letter contained information about four policemen aged 22 to 25, one of whom was also a female officer.

“To maintain friendly relations between the two neighboring countries, 8 policemen who have entered Indian Territory have been requested to return to Myanmar,” the letter said.