Mysuru Dasara: ‘Bamboo ride’ – minister sudhakar on mysuru dasara and coronavirus treatment


  • Mysore is not celebrated in Kerala as the Onam celebration of Kerala
  • Information by Minister Dr K Sudhakar
  • The promise of Kovid control in Mysore

Mysore: Dr Mathrubhumi, Minister of State for Medical Education, said, K. Sudhakar promised. “The problem in Kerala is that it will be taken care of here,” he said.

MLC HH Pillai at the progress review meeting held at Mysore District Panchayat. Vishwanath sat next to the minister. K. Sudhakar, has promised this. BJP MLC H Hussain spoke to journalists before the meeting. Viswanath, do you ride a jumbo? Bamboo was challenged to be riding ..!

The Minister was addressing the gathering. K. MLC Vishwanath was sitting next to Sudhakar. The minister, who had been informed about the Dasara formation, said the need to make Dasara very simple this time. We will hold a meeting with the chief minister and the district caretaker minister on this. He said the meeting would be decided soon to make many changes.

The jumbo ride Modteiro? Bamboo ride Modteiro? Vishwanath’s challenge to govt ..!

Over 33,000 oxygen beds are installed across the state for Kovid maintenance. The oxygen bed will be available at all primary health centers. There is no increase in mortality due to no ventilator. Death toll from oxygen beds is rising. “There is now a shortage of oxygen beds,” he said.

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Usually those over 65 are required to undergo an auto corona test. Corona numbers are increasing day by day. The Corona task force was created to control this. Sudhakar promised to work hard to reduce coronal infection in the coming days.

District Collector Rohini Sindhuri has asked for two weeks’ time for corona control in Mysore. Responding to this, Minister Dr K Sudhakar said that the District Officers were confidently asking for two weeks’ leave. He appealed to all to give Sath their due diligence.

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