Naga Bhairavi 18th October 2020 Written Update: Krishnan Naidu scolds Bhairavi

Nag Bhairavi 17 October 2020 Written Update on

Episode begins with snakes from the bracelet When he is busy drinking milk from a nog glass and after completing it, he goes back to the bracelet and sees the empty glass of nag and probably thinks he is milked.

Bhairavi wakes up and asks his friends when they wake up. She says she couldn’t sleep because of hunger and tension, and her family asks her what she would answer if she heard about her bracelet and the sudden arrival to the place. Bhairavi says he will perform. Annapurna calls to have Tiffin. Bhairavi says okay and goes new.

Bhairavi and her friends come to the ining table and introduce their friends Julie and Zarina. Zarina and Julie crave her granny. Annapurna asks to have Tiffin. Bhairavi goes to Buzhi. Buzzy asks what she bought him. Bhairavi has bought May toys and asks to have Tiffin so she can give him those gifts. Buzzy says okay and runs to the dining table.

Bhairavi looks at Garland in a photo of her brothers and remembers her earlier moments with him during the rakhi and promised to return to her even though he was dead in front of her and she angrily calls her grandmother and sister-in-law. Bhairavi removes Garland and questions how he believes his brother is dead. Her mother and Attaya say this was the result of the full moon and although we tried to stop him he went out.

Annapurna has been there for 2 years and he has not come back and searched everywhere but we have no information about him. Bhairavi says you have judged him dead and he is nowhere to be found and what if I have been missing for 6 months? Do you think I’m dead? Shouted Annapurna Bhairav. Bhairavi says you have no proof to prove that my brother is dead. Annapurna says we want to think like you but they went to the temple during the full moon night and no one who is thinking of going to this temple is alive. Bhairavi says these are old beliefs and everything is trash and I know my brother is alive.

Annapurna says do not speak like your brother, he went to the temple without hearing our words and everyone was bored with his disappearance. Bhairavi asks her sister-in-law why she does not believe that my brother is alive and her husband is alive and tries to place her on the skill forehead but Annapurna tries to stop her. Krishnam Naidu shouts at Bhairavi and takes him to the temple.

Krishnam Naidu Don’t think we are fools, we have seen more life than you and we have been devotees of Lord Shiva since the era and they protect our village. Those who went out lost their lives and you too came here during the full moon against our ichs and if you do this you doubt our beliefs. His sister asks him to leave Bhairavi and tells her that she will reach Bhairavi after she marries her son Rudra.

There is no need to teach my daughter anything and I will not mistake my daughter for marrying your son, says Krishnam. Krishnam Naidu Anna apologizes to him and takes his wife with him. Krishnam Naidu says that you should correct your mistake by placing Kumkum into your brother image, hope you got it. Bhairavi says yes but she thinks to find out what is the full moon secret to find her brother.