Naga Bhairavi 21st November 2020 Written Update: Bhairavi family invites the family of the groom

Naga Bhairavi 21st November 2020 Written Update: Bhairavi family invites the family of the groom

Daravi is sh-ocked to see Nagarjun with Groom’s family and asks why he is here. Zarina says he may be one of the grooms your father chose. They go to check.

The Bhairavi family invites the family of the groom. Groom says namaste to everyone. Naga says hello to Arjun. The Groom family says their car was stopped because of repairs, and those who helped them introduce themselves as Nagarjun. Krishnam invites Naidu inside. Groom asks Nagarjun to come inside as you already know this family. Nagarjun says okay and asks his secretary Namrata to follow up with the address.

Malli goes to Bhairavi and says she came to see who she is going to marry. Bhairavi nodded sadly. Malli asks if you don’t like this match. Because you look sad. Zarina says Bhairavi likes it. Bhairavi wonders why Malli always follows her.

Krishnam Naidu asks the name of the groom. He says it is Rajni Kant in style. Krishnan tells Naidu that the groom’s father asks him not to build him up and that they are lucky to get their match and Rajni Kant’s mom says that her son is good, not even seeing any girl. Rajni Kant stops her and says that 3 girls in her office love him. Rajni Kant urges Nagarjun to go eat something but Nagarjun refuses. Rajani asks Kant to bring the girl. Annapurna sends skill to Bhairavi. Buzzi thinks that Bhairavi called Naga Arjun or what.

Jalaja and Skill Bhairavi are brought to the auditorium. Groom rolls into his seat like a ball and tells his family that he likes Bhairav. Jalaja asks why he is rolling. Rajni Kant says he sees Bhairav ​​from every angle and is ready to marry her. Rajni Kant’s parents ask for Bhairavi’s opinion.

Krishnam asks Naidu and Annapurna Bhairav ​​to take the blessings of God from the worship room. Bhairavi goes to the pooja room but due to the power of the machine she fell behind and her Taveej fell down and burned in the fire. Malli and her family support her. Krishnam asks where that Taveez comes from. Annapurna says that some Swamijis gave this Taveej. Zarina takes Bhairav ​​inside.

Jalaja Sats It looks like a bad omen. Annapurna and skill also agree. Groom says don’t believe all these things. Krishnam Naidu Rajamma is our family goddess and the doors of her room are open once a year but now it is open so I think they are against this alliance. Krishnam Naidu shouts to Rajamma but the groom sends his family. Rajamma (Ramana Krishna pictured)

Krishnam Naidu asks why Naga Arjun came back to his place. Nagarjun has come for some herbal plants used for medicinal herbs and says he stays in the hotel. Annapurna says no hotel and you can stay at your place. Nagarjun joins us with his team and asks permission to put tents in their place. You can be anywhere but don’t go to the temple area Krishnam Naidu leaves. Otherwise I am not responsible for your life.

Veerabhadram tells Tantra that Nagarjun is back to teach them a lesson and what happens if Nagarjun and Bhairavi get united. What more can they do than hold us. Tantric gives him poison to kill Nagarjun. Veerabhadram Agres.