NEAT 2021: Will the NEET UG test be postponed again? Follow this strategy for a good score

NEAT 2021: NEAT is the first step towards a career in medicine. Therefore, every year more and more students show their interest in this exam. Even a disaster like the corona epidemic did not diminish people’s tendency towards Neath.

But with the massive increase in cases of corona infection, the government is likely to postpone the NEET 2021 test. However, it has not yet been officially confirmed.

NEET 2021 is scheduled to take place on August 1, 2021. But the application forms for this test have not yet been released. Therefore, there is a high probability of postponing the NEET test in August. The conditions currently being created by the corona are so disruptive to the preparation of the NEET exam that students are unable to attend coaching at this time. But if students use their time properly and use effective strategies, they can perform well in NEET.

Follow this strategy to get a better score in NEET 2021
1- Understand the pattern of the test:
It is important to understand the pattern of the exam to get good marks in the exam. This will help you to get maximum points. Tick ​​questions that are constantly asked in previous exams. Identify the topics of the previous exam questions. Preparation through Neat Resolved Paper and Kishn Bank.

2- Choosing the right books for highscore is essential:
When you give yourself enough time to prepare for your NEET exam, the study material is authentic and useful. Therefore, with the help of a senior student or teacher, choose the study material. In-depth study of chapters and topics with resolved papers.

3- Create a time table:
By creating a time-table, you will be able to set a specific time for each subject’s preparation. Also, you should be able to give more time to the weaker section. Furthermore, time can also be taken for exercise and recreation from the time-table.

4- Solve previous years question papers:
This is a great strategy to solve the papers of previous years exams to get good marks in any competitive exam. By doing this, you will become familiar with questions / topics / trends. Solving old question papers will boost your confidence and reduce stress during exams.