Now find the COVID-19 Vaccination Center through WhatsApp, followed by 7 easy steps

The third phase of the introduction of the corona vaccine has begun in India. Kovid vaccination has begun from May 1 to 18 in the country. In such a situation, to get the vaccine first, you need to register. But during registration, you also need to know which vaccination centers are near your home so that you can easily find your nearest center. WhatsApp has now made the problem of finding your vaccination center very easy.

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MyGovindia has provided this information on social media. The government wrote that MyGov Corona Helpdesk now informs people about the nearest vaccination center on WhatsApp. The helpline supports both Hindi and English. To know the vaccination center, you only need to follow 7 steps:

Find out how close the COVID 19 vaccine center is
1) For this, first save the number 9013151515 on your phone. It can be saved by any name.
2) After saving the number, open WhatsApp on the phone.
3) After opening WhatsApp, open the chat box with the saved number.
4) Send Hi, Hello or Namaste, Chatbot answers you with 9 options from the front.

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5) To get information about vaccination, you need to send 1 by writing. After this, you get 2 options, 1 of which is sent by writing to the center information.
6) After this you will be asked to enter zip code. As soon as you write and send the zip code for your area, you will receive information about the vaccination center near the zip code.
7) The chatbot also links to the Covin portal if you have not registered. You can register from here.