Now Shiomi smartphones will also detect earthquakes, with a new feature coming soon

Soon, Shiomi’s smartphones will monitor the earthquake for you. The company first added an earthquake warning feature in 2010 to its custom MIUI ROM. The company claims that the feature has so far issued 4.0 or more warnings for about 35 earthquakes. According to statistics, the feature has alerted 1.26 crore people till November 2019.

Now Xiaomi is working on another disaster early warning system. The company has teased a feature that allows mobile phones not only to receive earthquake warning information but also to monitor for earthquakes. For this purpose, some sensors will be provided on the smartphone, which will monitor earthquake activity in real time.

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The new feature will be coming on all of Shiomi’s phones
This technology not only saves the cost of seismic monitoring, but also improves the alert network as the number of monitoring increases. Over time, this feature will be offered on all of Shiomi’s phones. However, smartphones running MIUI 12.5 development version can still use the earthquake early warning feature.

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The feature works like this
Shiomi explained how the feature works. According to the company, the sensor provided on the mobile phone detects the vibration and determines whether or not it seismic information. If it is an earthquake, the information is sent to the Early Warning Center. The center will know whether the earthquake actually occurred or not from data obtained from other mobile phones.

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