Om Puri Birth Anniversary: Netizens Remember the Versatile and Legendary Actor By Sharing his Throwback Pictures

Om Puri left us to a heavenly abode on January 6, 2017, but his legacy will last forever. An actor’s greatness, he has defined acting craftsmanship and is a name that everyone appreciates. His talent was unmatched and his versatility even more satisfying. Today is his 70th birthday and while we celebrities are taking some time to honor their humble soul, netizens are also busy remembering their talented soul. Twitter is currently flooded with throwback images of Om Puri and netizens are taking the opportunity to remind them of their legacy. Om Puri Birth Anniversary: ​​From Tamas to Kakaji Kahin – Five performances of the actor who made television a great place.

Om Puri Birth Anniversary: ​​Netizens remember the versatile and famous actor by sharing his throwback pictures

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A Trip Down the Memory Lane

Om Puri Birth Anniversary: ​​From Tamas to Kakaji Kahin – Five Performances by an Actor Who Made Television a Better Place

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The Golden Age of Hindi Film Cinema

Remembering the legend that he was

He’s one of the best actors we’ve ever had

Their memories will live on forever

His acting skills are unmatched

A Still From His TV Show, Tamas

What is your favorite Om Puri show?

Om Puri’s absence on the big and small screen is deeply felt and it’s hard to think of a name that matches his acting talent. He was a world famous actor and Bollywood was lucky to have a gem like him. Om Puri, the name that defines the word ‘legend’.