Oppo introduced better technology, the phone’s selfie camera is not visible

Oppo has introduced camera technology under the screen developed for the next generation of smartphones. The company claims that with the help of this technology the smartphone will get the best image quality with the best screen experience. According to the company, this technology needs many innovations. For this to work properly, the company had to reduce the size of each pixel, use transparent wiring materials, and run a 1 to 1 pixel circuit. The company also shares a prototype of the device with a camera at the bottom of the screen, which shows the phone’s full screen experience.

The problem with the pop-up selfie camera
The company has long been trying to remove the selfie camera offered in the display from Notch and Punch-Hole. Some companies have started offering pop-up selfie cameras to give users a full-screen experience. However, this has made the equipment a little heavier. The problem with the pop-up camera is that there is some problem with the performance of the pop-up selfie camera, due to prolonged use and accumulation of dirt.

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Oppo has a prototype ready for 2019
The best solution to get rid of this problem of the pop-up camera is the camera setup underneath the display and that is why Oppo started developing this technology. Oppo has unveiled the prototype of the device in 2019. In this, the most transparent object was used for the screen on the selfie camera and its pixel arrangement was also different.

There is no commercial start of the prototype
At the time, the company was unable to commercially launch the device, but now the company has announced its next generation of under-screen technology. With this technology, the company is going to offer users the best full-screen experience and the most tangible image quality. Instead of reducing the number of pixels, the company has reduced their size to give them clear image quality.

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No release date has been provided for the phone
The company shares pictures of a model smartphone equipped with an under-screen camera. Looking at the shared photo, one can imagine that the company did not use any automation part of it. It’s hard to find a selfie camera on a phone that shares a photo by Oppo. No information has been released as to when the company will release the phone. The company says it will continue to research and develop to further improve the technology.

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