Pakistan is kneeling before India and said- Never hesitate to negotiate

Pakistan has come to light on the world map these days. That is the only reason to resort to terrorism. Because of terrorism, they have to face an all-out attack. In addition, economic conditions are worsening. Meanwhile, Pakistan on Thursday said it was always ready to resolve all pending issues with India and did not back down from talks.

Foreign Office Spokesperson Ah Tahid Hafeez Chaudhry made this statement at a weekly press conference after questioning the possibility of negotiating with India in the wake of talks between DGMOs of the two countries. “Pakistan has never shied away from dialogue and has always called for peaceful resolution of all pending issues, including Jammu and Kashmir,” he said.

India said last month that it hopes to have a common neighbor relationship with Pakistan in a climate of terror, hostility and non-violence and that Pakistan is responsible for creating such an environment.

The US welcomed India’s measures to normalize the situation in Kashmir
The US on Wednesday welcomed the steps India has taken to fully normalize the economic and political situation in its central region of Jammu and Kashmir. “The US is constantly watching the changing situation in Jammu and Kashmir,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Ned Price said. “There is no change in US policy regarding Kashmir,” he told a daily press conference.

“We welcome the steps taken to fully normalize the economic and political situation of Jammu and Kashmir, which is central to India’s democratic values,” Price said. As we mentioned earlier, Foreign Minister Tony Blinken has opportunities to speak to his Indian counterpart bilaterally and via quad. ”