Paparazzi praised Jasmine Bhasin’s weight loss, Bharati Singh said – why didn’t I say slim? Watch the funny video

Comedian Bharati Singh is in discussion. In fact, recently Jasmine Bhasin has been sidelined by ‘Bigg Boss 14’. Bharti is Jasmine’s best friend. In such a situation, Jasmine did not reach Bharti Singh’s home. After this, everyone had dinner together. Jasmin and Bharti Singh were later spotted outside the restaurant together. There Jasmine spoke with the paparazzi.

Paparazzi praised Jasmine’s weight loss, after which Bharti Singh said – Why didn’t you call me thin? Tell us about Bharti Singh’s funny videos going viral on social media. She talks interestingly with paparazzi. She adds humor.

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Jasmine wrote an emotional post after leaving Bigg Boss
Jasmine thanked fans who shared the emotional post after she pulled out ‘Bigg Boss 14’. Jasmine Bhasin wrote, “I love the people who have supported me in the good and bad conditions of Bigg Boss. In my good and bad days, the fans have flooded my eyes to see the love and support I have. The love of your people has made my journey so easy. I could not do all this without your support. ”

He still wrote, “Return over 2 million tweets #Jasmine, you prove your power with us.” I’m surprised, but thank you. I’m outside, but Ali’s still inside. He may have thought to himself. Let us come together and love and support them. We want Ali to win the trophy.