Patrol poured on his ex-wife during a live show

– Assault on woman in front of family members
– Death in hospital for 2 weeks, struggle between life

Beijing: The former socialite star of China’s social media was extinguished by her ex-husband on petrol while he was on fire. The woman has died without treatment.

Lamu is a dead woman. The incident took place in September. Lamu is a video blogger and her ex-husband, Tang, was rushed home during a live show. She was later reportedly assaulted in front of her family members, who poured petrol and set fire to it.

Lamu was hospitalized with burns to the extent of 90 per cent. But Lamu, who has been battling a life-threatening death for two weeks, died on Thursday night without treatment, doctors said. Upon learning of this, the police came to the spot and arrested the deceased Lamu’s ex-husband. But the motive for doing so is still unknown.

The deceased Lamu had been divorced from her husband by a family dispute. Some media outlets have reported that Lamu’s ex-husband committed this act to avenge his wife. The couple has two sons.

Lamu is a popular Tibetan video blogger who lives with her family in the mountainous region of Sichuan Province in western China. Lamu had an account in Daouin, a Chinese version of the ticktalk. Lamu has more than 7,82,000 followers by uploading videos on it.

Lamu uploaded the last video on September 14th. But she was murdered by her ex-husband. Fans who are aware of this have expressed their condolences by commenting on social media. She also demanded that Lamu’s ex-husband be harshly punished.


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