Pavitra Punia reveals the reason behind her broken engagement with Sumit Maheshwari

Pavithra Punia is open enough to talk about her past relationships at Bigg Boss 14 house. Her personal life is being debated much among the fans, which brings her to more light. The Nagin actress became the talk of the town after talking about her ex-boyfriend Paras hab ಾbra. And now he has talked about his engagement with businessman Sumit Maheshwari. See also – Bigg Boss 14, Weekend Kaa War Preview: Siddharth Shukla on Cutting Vegetables, Gouhar Khan School Rubina Dilek and Abhinav Shukla

During the conversation, Shehzad noticed a strange tattoo on Pavithra’s engagement finger. He asked her what kind of tattoo she had on it. The Holy One tells him that she has transformed the tattoo into a rose. Shehzad asks if anyone has a name or initials. Holy replied that it was the person’s full name. Also Read – Bigg Boss 14, Day 12 Summary: Rubina refuses to cook food; Nikki makes John accept her feelings

Shehzad expresses his surprise at how someone can be tattooed so early in the relationship. Then the Holy One said to him, ‘He is my former mistress. I was engaged. ‘He further revealed that he has been dating for three and a half years. Also Read – Bigg Boss 14: Is Aajaz Khan’s crush on Gauhar Khan stopping a love track with Pavithra Punia?

When Shehzad asked him what it was that broke their engagement, Pavitra replied that it was a long distance relationship and there were compatibility issues between them. Shehzad asks her if she was the one who initiated the breakup, saying that Pavithra’s separation was amicable. His breakup happened again in 2015, he said. ‘It’s a long time ago,’ she tells Shehzad, one year feels like three years.

Though she does not mention the name of the man, Pavithra has revealed that she plans to marry a businessman named Sumit Maheshwari. It was reported that the two got engaged in October, 2015.

“Yes, I am engaged to Sumit. I met him in the Ambi Valley through a common friend. I went there for Reiki. However, there was no official confirmation of their marriage. For almost 2 years there was no mention of their marriage. It is being said that after their broken engagement, he started dating Paras hab babra.