Petrol and diesel are cheaper at Rs 5, after Assam, VAT is less in Meghalaya now

After Assam, now Meghalaya government has also reduced VAT on petrol and diesel. This reduced the retail price of fuels by less than five rupees per liter. Chief Minister CK Sangma informed about this. Explain that the price of petrol and diesel has been increasing in the country for the past 8 days, the price of both fuels in Assam is Rs. Today, ordinary petrol in Sriranganagar, Rajasthan, is just 13 paise away from its century, and if it grows like this, it will cost Rs 100 a liter tomorrow. At the same time, the additional premium petrol has already crossed the century mark and is priced at Rs 102.65 today. At the same time, the price of petrol in Bhopal has crossed the 100 mark.

The petrol price will be Rs 2.34 per liter in eight days

For eight consecutive days, petrol costs Rs 2.34 per liter and diesel Rs 2.57 per liter. In Rajasthan, petrol costs Rs 99.87 per liter. The state has the highest VAT on fuel in the country, while Rajasthan has the highest petrol and diesel prices. Petrol prices in the state’s Sriranganagar city have been hiked by Rs 99.87 per liter and diesel by Rs 91.86 per liter. Branded petrol prices in Sriranganagar are Rs 102.65 per liter. And diesel of the same class costs Rs 95.52. Central and state taxes make up 60 percent of the retail price of petrol and 54 percent of diesel. The central government will pay an additional Rs 32.90 on excise duty on petrol. And diesel is priced at Rs 31.80.

Petrol and diesel batting continues to be on the inflation pitch, only 13 paise since its first century, with diesel fully backing

Prior to the assembly elections, the Assam government on Friday cut petrol and diesel prices by Rs 5 per liter and decided to withdraw the 25% surcharge imposed on liquor products after the coronavirus epidemic. New fuel prices went into effect from midnight on Friday. Assam Finance Minister Hemant Biswa Sharma informed the government on the decision on Friday. “Now Assam will have the lowest petrol price in the country after Gujarat. Diesel prices will be lower after Himachal Pradesh, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh,” he said.