Petrol Diesel Price: The price of petrol and diesel is still high, know the price

Petrol Diesel Price Today 8 April 2021: Petrol and diesel prices remained stable on Thursday. The companies lowered prices on Tuesday. At the time, state-owned oil companies cut petrol prices by 22 paise and diesel by 23 paise. That is, today, petrol and diesel prices are stable for the ninth day. Petrol in Delhi costs Rs 90.56 and diesel costs Rs 80.87. At the same time, the price of petrol in Mumbai has been hiked to Rs 96.98 per liter and diesel by Rs 88.06 per liter.

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Name of the city Petrol / liter

Diesel Rs

Mumbai 96.98 87.06
Chennai 92.58 85.88
Kolkata 90.77 83.75
Delhi 90.56 80.87

(Source – IOC)

Petrol and diesel prices can be further reduced

Despite the price hike in the international market, petrol and diesel prices are expected to rise due to elections in the domestic market. Elections will be held in the five states of the country, including West Bengal. According to sources, there may be a further decline in petrol and diesel prices before the election.

Petrol and diesel rates will thus be increased

Once excise duty, dealer commission and other items are added to the price of petrol and diesel, its price will double. If the central government excludes excise duty and state governments’ VAT, diesel and petrol rates may be around Rs 27 per liter, but neither the central nor the state government can remove the tax at any time. Because the bulk of the revenue comes from here. This money leads to growth.