PM Kisan: 42 lakh people have taken PM Kisan’s money in a fake way, be prepared to return it if you are involved

The biggest scam has come to light in the PM Kisan Summon Fund. About 42 lakhs of disqualified installments of Rs 2000-2000 will cost Rs 2,900 crore This information was answered by Union Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar in Parliament. Let us tell you that under this scheme the central government transfers Rs.6000 annually to the farmers’ accounts in three installments of Rs.2000-2000 per annum. Tell us which people cannot take advantage of this project.

Who are the unqualified beneficiaries of the Kisan Summon Fund

  • If there is a taxpayer in the family, he will not get the benefit of this scheme. Family means husband and wife and minor children.
  • People who use agricultural land for other purposes rather than agriculture.
  • Many farmers work in the farms of others, but not the owners of the fields.
  • If a farmer is farming, but the farm is not in his name, he will not benefit from this project.
  • Even if the field is in the name of his father or grandfather, he cannot take advantage of this project.
  • If someone has agricultural land but is a government employee or retired
  • Neither Holly nor former MPs, lawmakers, and ministers take advantage of the PM Kisan project.
  • Professional registered doctors, engineers, attorneys, chartered accountants or their family members
  • A person owns a farm, but receives a pension of more than Rs 10,000 a month
State The fake farmer
Assam 8,35,268
Tamil Nadu 7,22,271 Rs
Hatt Tips h 58,289
Punjab 5,62,256
Bihar 52,178
Uttar Pradesh 2,65,321

554 crores from unworthy PM farmers of Assam, Rs 258 crores from Uttar Pradesh, Rs 425 crores from Bihar and Rs 437 crores from Punjab. In India, the rich or the unworthy often get the benefits they do not deserve. According to the government’s Economic Survey 2015-16, the rich get a subsidy of ₹ 1 lakh crore.

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Fraud happens

According to an official, the disqualified persons act as qualified farmers by hiding their income and income through fake documents or in accordance with local level authorities. In Assam, the names of pensioners, non-farmers, income tax payers and more than one person from each family were found on the list. Officers should conduct a physical review of the beneficiaries in the central guidelines of the project. According to Union Minister Narendra Singh Tomar, a video-conference will be held every Tuesday between federal and state officials for continuous monitoring of the project.

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