PM Kisan: If you have taken a PM farmer’s installment, you have to return it

The eighth installment of the PM Kisan Summon Fund will soon be in the accounts of more than 11 crore farmers. With wheat harvesting and harvesting at its peak, farmers are eagerly awaiting this 2000 rupee installment. The government has so far issued 7 installments and the eighth installment is set to come out this month, but millions of farmers will be paid annually by the central government for making a dent in the scheme.

Find out where PM Kisan’s 8th installment has stalled and when 11 crore 74 lakh farmers get in their accounts

Recently, an RTI report revealed that the number of undesirable farmers in Punjab, Assam, Maharashtra, Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh are cheating. The government is also recovering from such farmers. If you are taking a PM Farmer installment, first find out whether you qualify for it or not. Before collecting the amount the government has given you, you have to be careful.

More than half (55.58%) of unqualified beneficiaries are income tax payers. The remaining 44.41 per cent are farmers who do not meet the eligibility criteria. The process of vesting the amount paid to such ineligible beneficiaries has begun. If wrongfully withdrawn, legal action can be taken.

Who are the unqualified beneficiaries of the Kisan Summon Fund

Many farmers are unaware that this scheme will not benefit them if someone pays tax in their family. Family means a husband and wife and a minor. That is, if the husband or wife filed an income tax last year, he would not get the benefit of the scheme. Let us know and which people will not benefit from this project …

  • Those who use agricultural land for other purposes rather than agricultural work. Many farmers work the farm in others’ fields, but do not own the farm. Such farmers cannot afford the scheme.
  • If a farmer is farming, but the farm is not in his name, he will not get the benefit of this project. Although the farm is named after his father or grandfather, he cannot afford the project.
  • If anyone owns agricultural land but is a government employee or retired, the defending or former MP, legislator and minister will not take advantage of Prime Minister Kisan’s scheme. Professional registered physicians, engineers, attorneys, chartered accountants or even their family members do not benefit from the scheme.
  • If a person owns a farm, but receives a pension of more than Rs 10,000 a month, he cannot be the beneficiary of the scheme. At the same time, even families who pay income tax do not take advantage of the scheme.