PMJDY: Three times the number of Jan Dhan accounts, know its 10 benefits

The number of Jan Dhan accounts has now tripled. In March 2015, the number of accounts was 14.72 crores, which has now increased to 42.76 crores by 21 July 2021. The PM Jan Dhan project, one of the ambitious projects of the Modi government, has been appreciated by the general public. It must be opened in zero balance and no service is allowed to be charged.

The Department of Financial Services tweeted that the deposit in PMJDY accounts has achieved many improvements since inception (from Rs 15,670 crore in March 15 to Rs 145,551 crore in March 21). This is a great testament to the success of the Financial Inclusion Program.

10 Benefits of Jan Dhan Account

1. You get Accidental Insurance Cover up to 2 Lakhs.
2. If you have a Jan Dhan account, you can get an additional Rs 10,000 from your account through overdraft.
3. You get interest on the deposit.
4. A free mobile banking facility will also be provided.
5. Lifetime up to Rs 30,000, which is available after the death of the account holder if certain conditions are met.
6. The Rupee debit card facility is available so you can withdraw money from your account and make purchases.
7. After Jan Dhan, you can open an account for pensions in projects like PM Kisan and Shramayogi Mandhan.
8. It is easy to buy insurance and pension products through Jan Dhan account.
9. You get money transfer facility across the country.
10. Money from government projects comes directly into account.

Convert the savings account into a Jan Dhan

If you have an old bank account, you can easily change it to a Jan Dhan account. For this you need to apply for a Rupee card by visiting the bank branch. After this, your bank account will be converted to the Jan Dhan scheme as soon as you fill out the bank form. At the same time, if you want to open your new Jan Dhan account, you will need to fill in the bank form. Name, Mobile Number, Bank Branch Name, Applicant Address, Nominee, Employment / Employment and Annual Income and Dependencies, SSA Code or Ward Number, Village Code or Town Code.

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