Pradosh Vrat: Ravi Pradosh today, joins Lord Shiva with the grace of Suryadev

Today i.e. 16th August, Pradosha fast is on Sunday. Pradosh Vrat has special significance in Hinduism. Pradosh Vrat is kept on Trayodashi Tithi. This fast falls on both sides Shukla and Krishna Paksha of a month. Pradosh fast on different days also has a different name. This Pradosha fast is called Ravi Pradosha fast due to falling on Sunday. Lord Shiva is worshiped in Pradosh Vrat but Lord Surya is also worshiped on Ravi Pradosh. On Pradosh Vrat go to the nearby Shiva temple and offer water to Lord Shiva and chant Shiva’s mantra. After this, Lord Shiva is offered Shami, Bel Patra, Kaner, Dhatura, Rice, Flowers, Incense, Deep, Fruit, Paan, Betel nut etc. during Pradoshkal while remaining unharmed all day. After this, also offer water to the sun god and bow to him.

Fruit of different Pradosh fast
Monday – This Pradosh fast is also called Som Pradosham or Chandra Pradosham. On this day, the seeker meditates on Shiva to fulfill his desired wish.
Tuesday – This Pradosha fast is called Bhaum Pradosham and it is done with the wish of particularly good health and freedom from diseases.
Wednesday – Mercury Pradosh fast fulfills all kinds of wishes.
Thursday – Thursday Pradosh Vrat which falls on Thursday is called Guru Pradosh Vrat. This holy fast is observed to overcome and destroy the enemies.
Friday – The fast that falls on this day is called Venus Pradosh fast. Pradosh Vrat done on this day brings blessings of happiness, prosperity and good fortune.
Saturday – This Pradosha fast is called Shani Pradosham. On this day, this auspicious fast is performed with the wishes of the son.
Sunday – Pradosh fast done on Sunday is done with the desire of long life and healing.

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