Prema Entha Madhuram Written Update 7 November 2020: Raghupati insults Arya

Prema Entha Madhuram Written Update 7 November 2020: Raghupati insults Arya

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In the Previous episode Of Prema Entha Madhuram, Raghupati insults Arya When he advises Padma’s neighbors, it irritates Zende. Subbu and Anu make Padma realize how trapped she is.

Anu’s family appreciates Arya’s attempt to release Padma and Neil. Then the police arrest Raghupati for insulting Arya. Padma tells Subbu that Anu should have been allowed to go to London.

In Next episode Of Prema Entha Madhuram, Subbu tells Padma why Anu was not allowed to go to London. When people say that they don’t want people hitting their tongues about Anu going to London with Arya alone, Padma says she would go with Anu. She further informs Subbu about Anu’s conversation with Ramya.

Raghupati is beaten and tells Padma to lie about her injuries. Padma asks Rama what Anu told her the previous night, but she avoids her questions. Anu goes to the temple and prays to meet Arya. Soothsayer speaks with Anu And she tells him that she doesn’t have to worry and everything will happen according to her wish.

Mira phoned Anu and asked her to visit another branch with Neil. Anu is upset because Arya cannot meet him before he leaves for London. Arya is also disappointed when Mira tells her to send Anu to another branch. Anu denounces Neil for trying to get close to him. Later, she is more than happy as Arya calls her.

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