Prime Minister Modi shouted at Assam – if the policy is right and the motive is clear

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who arrived in Assam on Monday ahead of the upcoming assembly elections, said that if the policy is correct and the objective is clear, the fate will change. After launching various projects in Assam, I said that when I came to lay the foundation of the Indian Agricultural Research Institute at Gogamukh, the Northeast would become the new engine of India’s growth. Today, we see this faith descend on the earth before our eyes. He said the Assamese Cinema began its journey with the film Jaimati eight decades ago from the same North Bank in Brahmaputra. The region has given many personalities that enhance the culture of Assam.

Prime Minister Modi has accused the previous governments of treating the stepmother of the region, though there is plenty of power in the Northeast. Communications, hospitals and industries were not even a priority of the previous government. Our government, Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas, Sabka Vishwas is working on the mantra. Prime Minister Modi said that by 2014, only 55 households out of every 100 households will have LPG connections. The number was 40 in Assam. But we have brought about changes with the help of the Ujwala project. Almost all families in Assam now have gas connections.

‘Destiny will change if purpose is clear’
Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in Assam, “If the policy is right, the objective is clear, the fate will change. Today, the country’s gas pipeline network, optical fiber is being piped to every village in the country. “The state government is working hard to increase that potential. There are more than 20 engineering colleges in Assam today,” he said. Socialism will be the highest for working siblings in the tea plantation.

The government is spending a lot of money on fisheries
Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in Assam that our government is spending more money after independence to promote fish farming. 20,000 crores is planned for the farmers involved in the fish trade, the people of Assam will also benefit. The T-Gardens of the North Bank also play a large role in the economy of Assam. Working in these tea plantations should make our siblings ’lives easier, which is one of our government’s top priorities. He said that those who ruled the country for decades, kept Dispur away from Delhi. Assam has suffered a lot from this thought, but now Delhi is not far away, Delhi is standing at your doorstep.

Assembly elections in Assam are scheduled for April-May
Assembly elections will be held in several states including Assam and West Bengal in April-May. However, the Election Commission has not announced any dates yet, but it is believed that the dates may be announced soon. The political uproar in the state has intensified since the election. All the parties, including the Congress and the BJP, are claiming to be their government by intensifying the campaign.