Prime Minister Narendra Modi Announces National Hydrogen Mission from Red Fort, Find Out What Benefits

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday announced the launch of the National Hydrogen Mission to generate carbon-free fuel from renewable energy and make the country self-sufficient in the energy sector by 2047, before achieving its 100th independence. . Speaking on the occasion of the 75th Independence Day from the Red Fort premises, Prime Minister Modi said, “Self-reliance in the energy sector is essential for the country’s progress and for making India self-sufficient.”

He added that India could become self-sufficient in the energy sector by mixing gas-based economy, sugarcane-derived ethanol with petrol and electric rail and automobiles. Modi said the country is spending more than Rs 12 lakh crore every year to meet energy needs.

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It is significant that India imports about 85 per cent of its total petroleum and other energy needs. On the other hand, in the case of natural gas, about half of the demand comes from supply from abroad. The Prime Minister said, “For the country’s progress and self-reliance in the energy sector, India needs to be self-reliant … India must pledge to be independent in terms of energy. After 100 years of independence, the country must have the power.

For this, the use of natural gas in the economy needs to be increased, he said. A nationwide network of networks is required to deliver CNG and natural gas to homes through pipes. Similarly, 20 per cent ethanol mix in petrol and electric vehicles needs to be promoted. The Prime Minister said that the country is moving fast in the field of renewable energy and that the installed capacity in this sector has crossed one lakh megawatts prematurely. Modi said the country has already achieved one lakh megawatts of the 4,50,000 MW renewable energy capacity by 2030.

The Prime Ministers formally announced the National Hydrogen Mission. Modi said, “I am announcing the National Hydrogen Mission. It is aimed at making India a global hub for green production and export.” Significantly, the National Hydrogen Mission was first announced in the Budget 2021-22 presented in February this year. All hydrogen currently consumed in the country comes from fossil fuels. By 2050, three quarters of total hydrogen is projected to be green, eco-friendly. This is done with renewable electricity and electrolysis. ”

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