Qurbaan Hua 18 October Written Update Full Episode : Neel puts on an act

At the beginning of the serial, Neil pulled Chahat out of the house. Neil asked Hobo to bring a tent house to Chahat. Gajala was praising her beauty and comparing herself with Chahat. Then Naveli came and thanked Ghazala for her help and confessed about the broken relationship. Neil explained to Hobo about all the incidents and later said that he had conspired with Chahat’s phone to trap the culprit for the crime. Hobo has teased Neil by saying that he loves Chahat.

Chahat was trembling outside the house. Naveli and Gajala were watching her and were delighted to see Chahat in this state. Suddenly Neal noticed that the snowfall had started and Chahat could get sick. Immediately Neil gathered some frames and indirectly helped Chahat to get some relief from the cold. Neil then talked to her wind-chain and told her that he had to protect her because she had saved him from many situations. Then Neil sets an alarm and says goodnight to the wind-chain.

The next morning while Chamath was doing Namaz in the garden, Vyas Ji was pouring water towards the sun on the other side. Vyas Ji began to move towards Chahat to bring food to the pigeons. Neil woke up and noticed Vyas Ji was moving towards Chahat. He immediately went there and prevented him from seeing Chahat. Chahat Vyas Ji’s voice soon escaped. Everyone was having lunch. Neil Chahat was brought into the house. Chahat cheerfully came to the main entrance, where Neal gave him a bag and told him to make his meal at Kaushad. Chahat gets upset and starts to cry.

Chahat went to the cow shed and started crying and talking to himself. In just a few moments, the gazala came with a plate, which had its share of food. Chahat refused to eat it. Then Chahat saw the utensils and decided to cook for himself. As soon as Chahat lit the fire, she noticed that the cooked food was already in the containers. Then Neil came in and confessed to her about his plan and said he was sorry for the rude behavior. Chahat started to beat Neil and then hugged her hard.

Parmukh told Jamunaparshad not to worry about the message as he had spoken with Gourishankar saying he would not reveal the incident anywhere. Chahat also calmed Jamunaparshad and said he would find a better person to chew on than the former. Neal’s phone rang; Because his hands were wet, he asked Naveli to put it on the speaker. On the other side, Hobo said in a loud voice, acting like an inspector, saying that a person saw someone steal a phone from your room, and that they even clicked some pictures as proof. And Neal asked him to come and check the person. Gajala and Naveli looked at each other in shock. Jamunaprasad expressed regret over Chahat and requested to bring Neil back home.