Qurbaan Hua 18th October 2020 Written Update: Will Naveli and Ghazala be exposed?

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Neil throws Chahat out of the house, but she wonders how to convince him. Bhupinder comes and sees her standing outside and asks what she is doing here but Neil stops him and asks him to give him the things he asked for. Neil takes the sleeping bag and tells him that now Chahat is out of the house.

He gives her things and goes in, but Gazala enjoys treating Chahat badly because she does some make-up and vows to regain her old lavish life. Bhupinder tells Neil not to torture Chaht in the cold, but Neil interrupts him and tells him that he is doing all this to help her.

Bhupinder is confused as to what Neil is saying but Neil explains everything that has happened recently and when Chahat goes out tonight her phone is in the house which means that someone else should be sending messages from her phone. Bhupender says Chapat’s exclusion is too much, but Neil says he wants the culprit to come out free without facing any threat.

Bhupinder then teases Neal about his dreams and the reason behind them is that he loves Chahat but Neil hides him. He asks Neil to close his eyes and he looks at who first looks at Neil Chahat but does not tell him. Bhupinder goes when Nipple is confused about his feelings.

Naveli calls Ghazala and thanks her for texting from Chahat’s phone and helping to break the alliance. Now she asks to come together and enjoy Chahat’s play as no one believes her. Meanwhile, if Chahat is sitting shivering in the cold, Navali and Gajala enjoy the view and after a while it will start to snow.

Neil feels bad for Chahat and examines her and sees her shivering. Naveli looks up at him and says that God is punishing Chahat for making false allegations against him. Neil has to reluctantly admit that he is unable to help Chahat in the presence of Naveli. He then goes on to say that he took many photo frames and went to Chahat and bought them for taking photos but she broke all dreams and happiness.

Neal breaks all the frames and throws them on the floor, but Gajala wants Chahat to die from this cold. When Neil sets fire to the wooden frames to give Chahat some warmth, Naveli and she go inside. Chahat sleeps while Neil looks at her and goes to plant some more trees for a bonfire in between. He pampers her hair while the snow stops falling. He goes upstairs and sets the alarm at 6am so that when she reads Namaz he will protect her from his family. The next morning Chahat goes between hanging clothes to hide and read Nemaz, Vyas Ji is also wandering in the garden and Neil is still asleep.

The chimes of the air move so tightly that it awakens Neil and he sees Vyas Ji praying in the garden and Chahat too reads Namaz and rushes to save her. Vyas Ji comes forward to pick up food for the pigeons, but Chahat is unaware of his whereabouts. When Vyas Ji asks what he is doing and Chahat gets his words, Neil sets up a bedsheet to cover Chahat. She quickly gets up and hears them talking, Vyas Ji asks about her so Neil tells him that she does not know where she is and that he should not worry about her. Vyas ji goes out when Chahat thanks Nees for helping him but he goes inside without saying anything. When Neil Chahat peeps down, everyone gathers for breakfast.

Chahat feels that Neil trusted her but he stops her from coming in and tells her that he took her to pick up her bags and move away from here. He throws her bag out and tells her that if she wants to eat she will have to make her own arrangements, she is hurt but she goes out with her bag. Chahat breaks into a cow shed with his bag because Neil knows her but doesn’t believe her.

Gajala comes and tells her that she sent these left chapatis to her but she refuses to eat. Then she looks at some of the utensils and the chula and tries to cook the food but struggles too much. Neil comes to see her but she laughs angrily at her condition but says she is innocent and will know it. She finds food on the ships and looks at Neil, who holds his ear to apologize. For saying so many bad things and throwing her out

He says he is sorry for the adoption but he trusts her and all this is just drama. She hits him and tells him that if he wants to do any such drama he should tell her next time and hug him.

Chahat says the only one who supports her is that if he leaves her, she will be alone. Neil tells her that she wanted everyone to believe that she had sent a message so that Naveli could tell her boyfriend about this and he would go into hiding. He tells her he needs her help to catch him. Everyone at home discusses a broken alliance but Neil says he is trying to find a good ally for Naveli.

Neelie calls Neal and puts it on the speaker, Bhupinder works as an inspector and yesterday someone says he saw a phone steal from Neal’s room and got a photo but the man was in the hospital by accident. Naveli and Gajala are threatened. Naveli says that this means that Chahat did not lie, that he regrets blaming Mama Ji but Neil says he will find out the truth first and then decide what to do. The serial ends.