Qurbaan Hua 19 October Written Update Episode: Chahat came to Gazla’s real face

Qurbaan Hua 19 October Written Update Episode: Chahat came to Gazla’s real face

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At the beginning of the serial, Chahat was holding a string of beads and chanting her prayer. Chahat is terrified of suddenly seeing Neil outside the cow. There, Neil explained to Chahat all his plans to capture the culprit. Chahat praised Neal’s plan and insisted on taking her with him. Ghazala requested Naveli to help her in this situation, but in a nervous trembling voice she went out of her way to say that she could not help.

Neil Chahat told her to click some photos and gave her phone. After a few clicks, Chant noticed a hole in the back of the pants, which she ironed. Chahat made signs to make Neil aware of it. After changing to Neil Chahat, he went to the hospital and asked to draw a rough sketch of the hospital entrance and exit by phone. While Neal was on his way to the hospital, Ghazala came and sent her to the goddess, saying that Neil was going to do some good work, that he should have some sweet yogurt before leaving. And Gazala mixed it with anesthesia and gave it to Neil.

Chahat made a sketch and sent it to Neil. And Neal reached the hospital. Suddenly Chahat heard Kripala’s weeping voice and went to Gazla’s room to help look after Kripa. When Chahat arrived at Gajala’s place, she spotted the perfume of the perfume and suspected that it was in the hands of Ghazala, behind all events. She tried to contact Neal and let her know, but Neal didn’t pick up her call, so she went to the hospital alone.

Chahat went to the hospital and went to that room, where Neal planned to catch the culprit. Chahat came in and said all the plan was up to date, but Neal said he was missing. Chahat felt someone coming into the room, so she hid in the room. Gajala entered the room, picked up the knife and started moving towards the bed. Suddenly Chahat came and pushed her back. Afterwards, Chahat immediately removed the Gazla mask and was surprised to see Mrs. Baig, and Dr. Baig started asking about it. Gajala scolded her as she married the same man who destroyed her father’s image in the market.

Neil was losing his consciousness and knocked down the car and got down. Gajala removed her cloak and changed her look as she was in Vyas Ji’s house, Chahat was stunned and silent.

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