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Gazala explains that some flower seller is not going to let her ruin her life, which means killing him, she is going to put a knife to him when Chahat stops her and lifts the mask, he is surprised to see that it is Miss Baig.

Earlier Chahat was praying in the barn, when she heard someone coming, she was helpless when it was Neil, he asks what is she hiding, Chahat rejoices that it is Tasbih and she is only praying to Allah’s name. Whenever he was afraid, his sister would give him.

Sunita asks Navali that she will be thrown out of the house as someone reveals that she is the messenger of the message, Naveli exclaims that Naveli should not believe that she will help her, but she says that it does not mean anything. But Naveli mentions that she never asked for her help because her plan was always undermined.

Chahat exclaims that she does not know what to do at home, Neil exclaims that she has a job, he orders her to take some photos of her, Neil Chahat gives her a look. He exclaims that he will go and change his pants before he leaves, but she must prepare a hospital sketch that will be really helpful to her, explaining that she will send him a photo.

When Sunita asks him to eat some yogurt mixed with sugar while going to catch the culprit, Neil walks in. Neil eats it, Neil first thinks he will go to the hospital, then revenge.
Chahat calls Neil as he has drawn up a hospital map and the boyfriend points out the paths he can use to get to the hospital, so he has to look after them.

Chahat believes that Nahali’s boyfriend has some connection with Saraswati’s death, she cries and then goes to Godavari and Sunita to check Golu, she wonders where Sunita is, then she goes to the servants’ quarters but she is shocked when she does not find her in her servant quarters, She begins searching the room to find a perfume cap, she wonders how Sunita got hold of her, she remembers that her father imported the same Itar to avoid the bag, who told her that Naveli was running out. He doesn’t answer her call so she plans to go and tell him the truth.

Chahat enters the room where Neil said boyfriend is coming, and as soon as he hears that someone is coming, she sees that the preparations are in place, Chahat hides immediately.
Beg enters the room, hoping that the fancy won’t let her wipe out her extensive plan, so when she sets out to kill him, Chahat stops throwing her in front of the desk, wondering why she’s trying to harm her family, she removes the mask that she finds to be Miss Byg, and she’s alive Chahat is at peace, so asking about her father, Ghazala threatens to marry the man who ruined her entire family, she does not look after them and lives her life because of the queen they have forgotten about.

Chahat tries to explain to her but Gajala asks her to see the gold jewelry she wears, which proves to be no trouble for her in life, Gajala mentions how she saw Chant in her house when she was in the house. Sunita is happy to be working at home. Chahat is shocked after seeing it.