Qurbaan Hua 19th October 2020 Written Update: Chahat sees Ghazala’s face

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Chahat sat in the cow shed and prayed, she was scared to hear a few steps but found it was Neil. She asks him if she is terrified, so she shows Tasbi and tells him that she is chanting the name of God and Neil remembers that Saraswati even gave him Mala and asked him to say Om Namoh Shivai 101 times.

Neil tells her to call Bhopu as an inspector and tells her that a person saw a man who sent a message from Chahat’s phone. He tells her that he has told all this in front of Naveli and she will tell her boyfriend that he will surely come to witness the property and that he will catch him at that time.

Gajala and Naveli are worried about the evidence and Gajala asks Naveli to help clear the trapped evidence but Naveli refuses to help. She says she has not asked for any help and she has offered herself help and is now in trouble.

Neil tells her that Chahat will not come to the hospital as she may be assaulted by her boyfriend but Chahat asks what he will do to stay here. Neil says he wears some clothes and she’s his ographer’s photographer. Neil gives the pose and she starts to click but she notices the hole in his jeans and realizes she must have done it while ironing.

Neil asks her what happened, so she tells him about the hole in his jeans, so he walks around wearing these pants and says what people should have thought. She apologizes for the mistake but says he’s right and praises his physiques.

Neil says he will change and leave the hospital, and she asks Chahat to prepare a stetch of the place and send him for his help, so she agrees. Gajala thinks about how to get to the hospital before Neal does, and when he leaves she gives him Rahi Chinese and he eats it and leaves. She mixed a sedative with it, causing him to lose consciousness while driving and was in an accident.

As Neal leaves on his scooter, Chahat draws the hospital’s blueprint, and Naveli’s boyfriend identifies three ways to get to the hospital without notice. Chahat calls Neal and tells him that she has sent him a picture and he has identified some places that could be used by Naveli’s boyfriend, he looks at it but feels dizzy and he cares and cuts off the phone. Chahat asks Mamie and Sunita who hears the goal cry but no one answers and she tries to find Sunita. She goes to Gajala’s room and smells familiar and finds something that is mostly used by Muslims and wonders why she has it.

Chahat recalls that her father used it for ghazala and wondered if she had met Ghazala and had stolen it. She remembers giving every information and she decides to be the enemy to both families and may be related to Saraswati’s death and tell everyone about her. She tries to call Neil but he doesn’t pick up so she decides to go to the hospital and tell him.

She reaches the hospital and Neil and doesn’t seem worried. She goes to the 4th room and asks for someone to come. Ghazala enters the room and finds someone lying on the bed thinking about killing the man but Chahat stops her and looks at her face and shocks her.

Chalath is shocked to see Ghalala and asks if her father is right but then asks what she is doing with the knife here. Gajala says she has no right to ask about Beg because she married a man who brought her to poverty and ruined her life. She asks how she knows about her and Neil’s marriage, which Gazala has no answer for. The serial ends.